Sublimation Tote Bags: Find Your Perfect Tote Bag or make one

Sublimation Tote Bags in 2022: Find Your Perfect Tote Bag or make one

Sublimation Tote Bags

Sublimation bags like tote bags and sustainable garments or shopping bags are very famous mainly with the requirement to decrease the number of disposable bags. Sublimation tote bags are in trend now, the process of making sublimation tote bags is very simple and easy. You can also sublimate on canvas fabric tote bags even if canvas fabric does not have polyester but still you can sublimate on it. 

A tote bag is a very convenient accessory commonly utilized for containing things. It is an elementary bag with enormous space. In simple words basically, it is a broadly spaced bag that has two coordinated handles. You can do the sublimation printing process on tote bags and is very simple and easy to do.

Tote Bags For Sublimation 

Sublimated tote bags are in trend nowadays. Tote bags can be manufactured from different materials and have different colors. But for sublimation printing on tote bags if you choose 100% polyester fabric then the outcome will be amazing. You can also sublimate on canvas fabric tote bags but the result will not be that much satisfying.

You can find them in many stores or You can purchase them online. If you ordered them online you don’t have to go to markets and also you can avail yourself of many discounts offered in online ordering. You can order them on amazon which is the most trusted website where you can find bags according to your needs.

Necessary Tools For Sublimation On Tote Bags

Sublimation printing on tote bags required some necessary tools. With the help of these gadgets, you can easily do the sublimation printing process on tote bags.


The first and the most common thing which you need is the printer. There are many printers but the Epson Eco tank is one of the best sublimation printers. You can print your sublimation design with this printer because it gives you a quality print.

Sublimation Ink And Paper

In the sublimation printing process, you will require the best ink and paper which is specially designed for the sublimation process. If you use a normal link and paper sublimation printing process it will not work.

Blank Tote Bags For Sublimation

Tote bags blank are the most necessary for sublimation on tote bags. I already mentioned details about tote bags for sublimation above.

Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine is commonly utilized for printing designs on different things like shirts, mugs, tote bags,  and other things.

Polyester Tote Bags Sublimation

To sublimate tote bags first you have to do is to choose a design online or you can also make your sublimation design on software like adobe photoshop which is the best sublimation software. Then you will require a tote bag for sublimation printing. You can order them online.  

Then take a lint roller and roll it over a sublimation bag then place a parchment paper or butcher paper over a heat press machine. The place tote bag over paper for removing the crease of the bag first pre-press it. Place butcher paper over a bag and pre-press it. After that place, a design or image over the sublimation bag then again put butcher paper over it and secure the design with heat resistance tape then heat press it for at least 60 seconds. Then your sublimated tote bag is ready.  

Sublimation On Canvas Bag

Although canvas material did not have any kind of polyester particle you can still sublimate on canvas bag with some tricks. Because in the sublimation printing process polyester material is required. The process of sublimation on canvas bags is so troublesome it is easy and a little bit tricky. 

Ok, so the first thing you have to do is to put a sublimation transfer paper over a heat press machine place your bag over it, and again cover it with sublimation transfer paper then heat press it for a few seconds for removing the creased of the bag. 

Then spray a sublimation coated spray on the canvas bag then heat press it for a few seconds so it can absorb it. Then take out your sublimation design and then place it in the middle of the canvas bag and secure it with heat resistance tape so it will not move aside. 

Then place an a4 paper inside the canvas bag or you can use sublimation transfer paper so it can prevent the design to print backside. Then place a parchment paper on a heat press machine cover it with parchment paper and heat press it. After pressing it let it cool down. 

Can You Sublimate On Paper Bags

You can also do sublimation printing on a paper bag. For this process first, you will need a design that you to print on a paper bag. You can sublimate text, images, or any kind of photo. You can find the design online at Etsy or on other websites or you can make your design on adobe photoshop. 

First, prepare your design and print it out then take a paper bag and place it on a heat press machine. After putting in place a design on the center of the bag and securing it with tape ensure that don’t use too strong tape instead of that you can use scotch tape here. Then heat press it for a while. After heating let it cool down and then remove the design over it and your sublimated paper bag is ready.

Sublimation Shopping Bags

Sublimation Tote Bags

You can also do sublimation printing on the shopping bags. It is not so troublesome is easy and simple to do. Okay for this process you will also need a Teflon pillow to put inside the shopping bag. There we are using 100 poly shopping bags you can also use some else. 

Okay so first you have to do is take out your shopping bag put a Teflon pillow inside and also place a parchment paper over a pillow. Then put the Teflon sheet on a heat press machine put your bag over it again put the Teflon sheet and cover it and pre-press it to flatten it. 

Then open it and now remove the Teflon sheet over it place your design in the middle carefully. Secure it with the help of tape. Cover your design parchment paper so the ink doesn’t spread anywhere then cover the bag with a Teflon sheet and heat press it. 

Best Website To Buy Tote Bags Blank

Sublimation Tote Bags

There are many websites from where you can buy sublimation totes easily and get them at your doorstep. But here are some of the best websites among them. 


Sublimation Tote Bags

Website Link: Amazon

Amazon is one of the best-selling websites you can easily find here a sublimation tote bag blank and many other sublimation items like you can find here canvas blank for sublimation, sublimation keychain blank and many other things at a very reasonable price and also give a discounted offers. 


Sublimation Tote Bags

Website Link: Etsy

Etsy is an American company. It is one of the greatest platforms on which you can purchase or sell homemade items or crafts. It is a trusted website because it will give you a feature of the firm payment order. You can find here jewelry, accessories, toys, sublimation blanks, etc.  

Rather than these, there are many other websites like sublime, best sub and etc. 

FAQ Questions?

Is the sublimation process difficult?

The sublimation printing process is not difficult or troublesome. In fact, it is quite an easy and simple printing process even though a beginner can also do it. 

Can you sublimate tote bags?

You can easily sublimate tote bags in fact it is the most popular blank for this printing process. And it is the most simple and quick process of printing.

How long do you sublimate tote bags? 

It may be based on the pressure of heat. You have to heat press it for approximately 6 seconds because the sublimation tote bags are very resistant because the design or a picture is dyed.

For printing on a tote bag which type of sublimation ink do you have to use?

You can use powdered or liquid sublimation ink to print an image on tote bags, shirts, mugs, etc.


You can sublimate on polyester as well as polyester tote bags in the process we have already told you about above in detail. Instead of that in this article, we told about where you get canvas and polyester tote bags and the types of equipment you will need in this process of printing

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