Sublimation on Stainless Steel Tumblers for Beginners Step by Step Tutorial!

Sublimation on Stainless Steel Tumblers for Beginners Step by Step Tutorial!

Nowadays many peoples are using sublimation glassware like a teacup, tumblers, jars, etc for giving to their loved ones. You can express your feelings to your partner, friends, or loved ones by printing your name on it or getting your picture with your loved one on it. Or if you want to start your sublimation business sublimation on tumblers is an excellent project to start. 

Printing sublimation on tumblers is not so different from the sublimation printing on other products like shirts, glass frames, etc the procedure is almost the same for sublimation on stain-less steel tumblers but for doing this procedure you will require some other tools about which we will discuss with you in this article.


What is a sublimation tumbler?

Sublimation on Stainless Steel Tumblers

A sublimation tumbler is a metallic or tumbler construct with other elements on which you can convert images or texts with the help of a special type of water-based ink specially made for sublimation printing. For the sublimation printing process you can’t utilize any tumbler to print on it you have to take appropriate sublimation tumbler blanks which consist of polyester coating. 

How To Sublimate A Tumbler

If you want to sublimate on tumblers you will require some equipment like a printer, sublimation transfer paper, print that you want to print,  heat resistance tape, heat press machine, and tumbler blanks. 

For printing the sublimation design on a tumbler first, you have to take out the print of the design on the sublimation transfer paper you want to transfer on your tumbler. Then take a tumbler and place the design paper over the sublimation stainless steel tumbler and secure it with a help of heat resistance tape so it can’t move or ruin your tumbler. After that, put a butcher paper all around and then put it in a mug. Let it cool down and your sublimation tumbler for the beginners is ready.

Sublimation Printer For Tumblers

The most important and necessary equipment to begin any sublimation printing project is the printer. For a sublimation printing business, you will require a high-quality printer that can give you quality pictures. I will recommend to you the name of the top 5 sublimation printers for tumblers.

  1. Epson Expression Premium ET-7700: Epson Expression is an idol option for sublimation on tumblers. It will give you incredible, vivid images of the tumblers. 
  1. Epson EcoTank ET-4700: it will give you the feature of wireless printing at your home or from offices. Is easy to use and cost-effective.
  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2800: it is also one of the best printers for sublimation on Tumblers. It can give you borderless printing. 
  1. Sawgrass SG500: it is cost-effective,  easy, and simple to set up. It gives you amazingly printed images.
  1. Epson Surecolor F170:  it is the best choice for sublimation printing whether it is on shirts or mugs or tumblers. And it is a friendly budget printer and easy to set up. 

These are the best sublimation printers for sublimation on tumblers.

How To Sublimate Skinny Tumbler

Do you know how to put the paper on a tumbler? First, you have to prepare your design for the process of sublimation on Tumbler and mirror image it, and take out the print of the design. Now take your skinny tumbler and place the image over it and fix it with heat resistance tape so it can not move anywhere. Ensure while securing the design with tape pull it tightly. 

Now take painter’s tape and tape it around the top border or edge of the tumbler so the color of the print doesn’t fade. Also, tape on the bottom border of the sublimation tumbler gives it pressure. Also, apply a layer of tape on the side where you use heat-resistance tape to secure the print. Then place it in the convection oven and heat it for at least 6 minutes at 400 degrees. And your DIY sublimation tumbler is ready.

 Infusible Ink On Tumbler

So the first thing you have to do is to prepare a design for the tumbler to remember on the mirror option and then take out the print. Then cut the infusible ink sheet by putting them on the circuit mat. Paste it with the design template and pee off the weeded letters then place it on the tumbler and secure the edges with heat-resistant tape.

 Ensure that it will tape tightly and also apply tape on the top border on the bottom and also tape it at the point where the ends of the templates met. And then wrap it in parchment or Teflon sheet and place it in a mug press and heat it for 3 minutes on both upper and lower sides. After that let it cool down and your tumbler is ready. This could be the best sublimation tumbler idea. 

How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler

Many people asked the question: can you remove sublimation ink from a tumbler or how to remove sublimation ink from a tumbler. so the answer is yes it is possible to remove sublimation ink from the tumbler easily. The process is not so troubled, it is quite easy to do. You just have to put it in convection or a regular oven. Instead, you can use a toaster and heat it until the color will fade, and then cool it. 

Sublimation Tumbler Care Instruction

Usually, people believe that the sublimation printing process is just conventional printing given heat and pressure but in this process, we are utilizing more techniques. So the key to perfection is the application. Always examine the printer head in advance and clean the leftover ink. Make sure that it does not make any dirtiness in the image. 

How To Sublimate A Tumbler With Heat Press

If you want to make a sublimation tumbler with a heat press the process is the same but the only difference is that you have to put a tumbler in a heat press. There is a commercial-sized heat press machine designed for sublimation on tumblers.  You can purchase it from 

Can You Sublimate On Spray Painted Tumbler

This question is asked by many people so the answer is yes sublimating on a spray-painted tumbler is possible. If you convert your image on a spray-painted tumbler while the paint is wet then there is a huge possibility that resin will trickle into a split and can damage your image. So make sure that you sublimate it once the paint is dry.  


Sublimation on the tumblers process is very easy and quick. Sublimation on the tumbler is the best option for customized gift items whether you want to gift it to your partner, friends, or a family member it is always a good choice. And it is super fun to make this cute sublimation on tumbler.

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