Sublimation on Canvas in 2022: All You Need To Know About

Sublimation on Canvas in 2022: All You Need To Know About

Sublimation on Canvas

Sublimation printing is the most famous method of printing. Now you can sublimate on canvas also.

All the things you need for canvas sublimation are a sublimation printer, paper, sublimation ink, canvas blanks, a heat press machine, etc. it is very easy to sublimate on canvas.  Canvas is the best idea for a gift.

The sublimation process of printing fundamentally works for polyester and fabricated fabric. Sublimation on Canvas requires a specific process. sublimation printing is a process in which a solid substance is directly converted into a vaporized state. 

The things which you need for canvas sublimation can easily be found on Canvas is an interweave frequently used for leak-proof fabric. 

How To sublimate On Canvas

Sublimate On Canvas Fabric

If you are thinking that you can sublimate on canvas fabric so the answer is yes you can sublimate on canvas fabric and this is not very difficult even though it does not have polyester?

First, take a canvas and use subliGlaze spray and spray it over the canvas fabric then press with a heat press for a few seconds with the butcher paper or laminate so the spray will dry and repeat it again.

Now place the sublimation print on the canvas which you want to print. Heat, press it, and then deliberately remove it and your sublimation on canvas is done.

Sublimate On Canvas Frame

Sublimate On Canvas Frame

Can you sublimate on a canvas frame? Yes you can and the process is very easy but a little tricky. First print out the print on the sublimation sheet then spray sublimation coating spray on canvas then cover it with a laminate sheet and heat press it.

Then place the print on the canvas frame and heat press it then slightly remove the print from the frame and remove the edges of the frame and your sublimated canvas frame is ready.  

How To Sublimate On Cotton Canvas

Sublimate On Cotton

For this process first, you have to take a cotton canvas. We are using 100% cotton canvas here.

Place the laminate sheet over the canvas and be aware that the shiny part of the laminate must be placed on the upper side then place butcher paper over it and heat press it for a few seconds.

Then remove butcher paper over it and let it cool down. Then place the print over it, settle it down with tape, cover it with butcher paper, and heat press it for at least 60 seconds while turning off the heat press.

Be careful because it was extremely hot. And after heat pressing remove the butcher paper and you can see the sublimate on the cotton canvas. Remove the edges and your cotton sublimate canvas is ready. 

Sublimate On Canvas Bag

The most asked question is can you sublimate on canvas bags? The answer is yes you can sublimate on a canvas bag first, put sublimation paper on heat press

then put the bag on it and again cover it and then heat press it so the crease can be removed from the bag. Then place a print in the center of the bag and settle the corners with tape. Place butcher paper inside the bag

then put it in the heat press over a butcher paper again cover it from the upper side and then heat press it for at least 60 seconds now remove the print paper and your sublimated canvas bag is ready.  

What All Do I Need For Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a process in which you can convert solid stuff into fluidity. It is the most famous process of printing. You can do it on mugs, shirts, fabrics, canvas, onesies, leather, and much more. The things which you need in this process are:

  • Printer
  • Sublimation or butcher paper
  • Sublimation software
  • Lint roller
  • Cutting machine
  • Heat press

These are some basic and necessary things that you must need in the sublimation process.

There are some other things that you need but these are the main things without these you can’t do the sublimation process. 

Canvas Tote Bag Heat Press Temperature

 For canvas tote bag heat press temperature, time and process are discussed in this paragraph. Okay, first you have to print out the print on sublimation paper or on ordinary bond paper.

Now place it on the canvas tote bag and heat press it. Set temperature at 200 degrees and time at 50seconds. Before heat pressing, cover it with butcher paper on both sides. After heat pressing let it cool down and your bag is ready. 

Polyester Canvas Fabric For Sublimation

Polyester canvas uses plastic fibers. Polyester canvas fabric for sublimation is a dense or leak-proof fabric that offers you an appreciable performance. It also gives you a low-cost effect. It is durable and has a stretching ability.

Sublimation On Canvas Without Laminate

It is possible to sublimate on canvas without the laminate sheet. First, take out the print, we are using parchment paper here, and don’t use butcher paper.  Okay, then we are gonna do a lint roller to remove the crease of the parchment paper.

Next, take the canvas and put the rough side of the canvas on the print, and tape it down so it doesn’t move. Then place it over on the butcher paper and heat press it for at least 60 seconds. And your print is ready. 

Bella Canvas Sublimation

Do you know how to sublimate on Bella canvas? Here we will tell you the process of how you can sublimate on Bella canvas.

First, take out the print, take your Bella canvas shirt, and open and separate so the bottom of the shirt is going under the heat press and the top layer is going over the heat press. And also place a Teflon sheet between them.

Then place the sublimation print on it and cover it with two plain sheets and also cover it with Teflon and then heat press it for at least 60 seconds. 

Poly Duck Canvas For Sublimation

Poly duck canvas glaze fabric is an admired, long-lasting poster fabric. It is also known as poly duck fabric.  It is multitalented and the best choice for commercial and publishing applications. This fabric is also used for long-lasting, traditionally printed bags. 

Heat Press Temperature For Canvas

For canvas first warmup heat press for 360 degrees and lean it down for approximately 30 to 35 seconds and then carefully blister the printing sheet while the print is mild. Before sublimating you have to set the heat press setting for the canvas

Time And Temperature For Sublimation

There are different times and temperatures for different fabrics. For ceramic mugs, the press time is 150 to 210 seconds and the temperature must be 350 -400 F. For polyester fabric,

the heat press time is 35 to 40 seconds and the temperature is 400F. For metal ( unisub brand) the temperature should be 400F and the press time is 60 seconds. For other brand metals, the temperature should be 375 to 400F and the pressing time is 60 seconds. 

Sublimation Canvas Roll

Sublimation Canvas Roll

You can easily find sublimation canvas rolls on, there are many websites on which you can find canvas rolls but amazon is the best website, this website will give you all details about sublimation canvas rolls or sublimation canvas blanks with customers reviews. This is the most trusted website. 


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