I Can Sublimate On Leather! Here’s How Step by Step 2022

I Can Sublimate On Leather! Here’s How Step by Step 2022

Sublimate on Leather

Do you know we can sublimate on leather whether it is on sublimation blanks, sublimation keychains, shoes, or many other things?  In this article, you will get all the information you want to know about leather and the process of printing on leather. 

Leather is the type of material used for gents’ and ladies accessories. There are two types of leather: synthetic leather and real leather. Original leather can’t melt easily.

 Sublimate On Leather – What Is Leather

 Leather is a luxury material used for men’s goods basically like jackets, wallets, belts, gloves, and many others. It is also used for ladies’ accessories like handbags, school bags, jewelry keychains, and so on. It is made of animal skins which is very useful. It is a natural and organic substance. It is also known as tanning.  

Can You Sublimate On Leather

Yes, we can sublimate on leathers. There are many processes of sublimating on leather. Leather has many types like faux leather or synthetic leather, top grain leather,full-grain leather, and so on. Full-grain leather retains natural markings. It is a very soft velvety material. Top-grain leather and full-grain leather are quite expensive in the market. Faux leather is called synthetic leather. It is not real leather. It is a copy of leather. It is the same as real leather. It is produced by machine. It is used in leather sofas, and leather jackets. 

Heat Press On Leather

We can heat press on leather. HTV on the leather made it very different and beautiful. It is very easy to do HTV on real leather or faux leather/ artificial leather. But for this, you need a special sublimation paper that is specifically designed for sublimating on leather. Nowadays these HTV leathers are very popular.  

How To Transfer Image To Leather Shoes

If you want to transfer images on your leather shoes then you have to follow the process very carefully.

So in this process, all you need is a mini iron and a special kind of sublimation which is specially made for leather. Set a mini iron on a medium heat setting do not set it on too high or it will melt your leather and ruin it so be careful with it. Then apply an adhesion promoter to the area where you are going to place your transfer. This adhesion promoter helps you to stick your image on the leather tightly and it may minimize any sticking issues.

Then we are going to place an image on the desired area. Then place mini iron on it lightly so it sticks to the leather. Then place transfer paper over it and now press it with mini iron. Use the other hand to press from the inside of the shoe for more firm pressure. Repeat this pressing method for at least 10 seconds in each area. Until you have covered the whole thing.

This is the most important step of the process. Repeat this step two times but not for the third time otherwise it will peel the color of the image or burn the leather. Make sure to set the iron at a medium setting. Use as heavy pressure as you can when applying. Then let it cool for at least one and then peel the image. Remove the plastic of the image carefully. You can see the results now that it looks incredible.  

Can Leather Melt

Original leather doesn’t melt. Original leathers are tough to burn but synthetic leather/ faux leather can melt. If you want to experiment then just take the original leather and take a lighter. Then simply just try to burn the leather with the help of a lighter then you can see the result that it will crimp, wave, or will dwindle/narrow but it barely clutches the fire.

Sublimation Earrings

Do you know what sublimation is? Sublimation is a chemical process in which you can print any picture, logo on any fabric, mugs, wood, leather, and also on earrings.

So today we tell you how to make sublimation earrings. So let’s talk about the process.

First, choose the sublimation earrings design you want to do on earrings. Then print out the sublimation earring design and take the sublimation blanks/earrings which you wanted to print.

Now take sublimation paper and fold it double and place it in a heat press. Then put your earring over a sublimated paper. Cut the design which you want to print according to the size of the earrings. Then take the heat-safe tape. Tape the sides of the earring with print and then heat press it. Then take it out and you can see your incredible and outstanding sublimated earrings. Now repeat this method on the other side of the earrings and your sublimated earrings are ready. There are many sublimation earrings design on the market such as teardrop design, slate design, bar design, and much more

HTV On Leather

Do you know what HTV is? HTV is a known heat transfer vinyl which means the vinyl is created to embellish dresses, bags, and different things. Now you can do vinyl on leather.

We will tell you how to do vinyl on leather. So we are going to do heat transfer vinyl on an artificial leather bag. First, the vinyl monogram or logo goes on a leather bag. Then take the bag and place some stuff inside the bag for an even and flat surface. For better results, I recommend putting a pressing pillow inside it. It is not necessary if you don’t have it. It’s okay. Then stick the vinyl on the bag and heat press it for a minute. Be Careful, don’t set the temperature too high or your artificial leather will melt. Heat press leather over all sides. I guarantee that vinyl on leather looks amazing.         

How To Sublimate O Vinyl

Hey, now we can do sublimation on vinyl with heat pressing. Ok, the first step for this process is to take the sublimation print which you want to do it on vinyl then assemble it with vinyl. Now stick down the corners with the heat tape to hold it down. Set down your heat pressing machine at a medium setting. Cover it with sublimation paper. Then heat press it for a while and your sublimation on vinyl is done. Now remove sublimation from it and you can see your results.

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation is also a transfer paper. It is a special kind of paper that you can use in the sublimation process. It helps you to transfer sublimation printing on garments, mugs, leather, and vinyl. It is the most necessary thing in the sublimation process. You can easily find it in hobby lobbies online-only search sublimation paper hobby lobby and you can find them.   

Leather Dye

Leather dye is a composition of density and dyes which are used for dying leather.


 Leather dye is orpiment or colorant dangle in the liquid used to switch the color of the leather. There two motives of dyes are to color the leather.

You can find these dyes on hobby lobby leather dye.

Marine Vinyl Fabric

Sublimate On Leather

Marine vinyl fabric protects the leather from sunlight and heat. It is weatherproof like from snow, rain, etc. It gives cloth an elegant finish. You can order them online at hobby lobby marine vinyl fabric.  

Teflon Sheet

Sublimate on Leather

Teflon sheet is a non-sticky cover that is used to protect the fabric from heat while heat pressing. You can use this sheet over and over again. One of the biggest advantages of this sheet is to absorb heat. You can also find this in a hobby lobby shop. 

Leather Bracelet

sublimate on leather

Leather bracelets were worn by both men and women. It is a very popular ornament nowadays, especially among youngsters. It is made of faux leather or synthetic leather. You can also find them on the internet but I have a site from which I order them. You can also find them in the hobby lobby. 


Leather is one of the most common fabrics. You can use it in many ways like you can use it in making furniture, clothes, jackets, jewelry, and many other things. But now we can do sublimation and heat transfer vinyl on leather. Original leather cannot easily melt but remember in the sublimation of faux leather if you set the temperature it will melt.

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