How To Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks in 2022

How To Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks in 2022

Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks

The project of sublimation printing is not a new thing. There are many things like accessories, mugs, and shirts on which we can sublimate. But sublimation on keychain blanks is the most famous and the favorite blank to choose. The process of sublimation printing has become cozier and you can do it at home. 

In the sublimation printing process our images, photo, or design concerts into various items. Sublimation ink will convert into polymers and polyester.  For sublimation on keychains, you will require some necessary things like keychain blanks which you can easily find on amazon, a printer, a sublimation design, and a heat press machine. 

Sublimation on keychains

Sublimation Keychain

Now you can customize your Designs onto Keychain Blanks. The procedure is not very difficult, you just have to follow the steps carefully. 

  1. First, you have to print out the design on the sublimation transfer paper you want to print on your keychain blanks.
  1. Then trim your design and place the keychain blank over the sublimation design. Secure it with heat-resistant tape. Endure that place coated side of the keychain on the paper.
  1. Then heat press it for at least 180 seconds. Let it cool down for the best results. 

Sublimation On An Acrylic keychain

Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks

Sublimation on an acrylic sheet is not such a troublesome process; you only have to do it first and take off the protective coating of the acrylic keychain blank. Then print out the sublimation keychain design you want to print. Then paste it with a keychain and secure it with heat-resistant tape. 

Place a sublimation transfer paper on a heat press machine then put a keychain on it and again cover it with a transfer sheet and then heat press it. Remove the sublimation design from the keychain and then your acrylic sublimation keychain is ready. Also, attach the ring with it. 

How To Create Sublimation Design In Procreating

First, you have to select the sublimation design. There are many where you can find these but I will recommend you design or you can make your sublimation design with the best sublimation software. Select the design you want to print on then download them. Then open the design in procreating for editing. 

Then select the size of the sheet to end it. the size of the sheet and the size set up on your printer must be the same. Okay then open up the page and paste the design which you download. Now edit it according to your wish. After completing editing go back to your gallery select the share option and then share it with your printer and print it out. And your sublimation design is complete. 

Sublimation Keychain Template 

Sublimation templates are very helpful as they tell you to guess about the size of the surface and the size of the design you will require. You have to just transfer your design into a template, preprint and heat it. You can find them on the coast. This website gives you designs for all sublimation blanks. 

How To Make Plastic Keychains Instruction

Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks

First, draw a design or image on the shrink plastic which you want in your keychain or you can install the design or template and then trace it. Ensure that you make the image bigger because after heating plastic will shrink and the final keychain will be smaller than the image you make.

then cut your design according to the size of the keychain before heating and then make a hole to attach the keyring.  Place a parchment paper over a baking tray, place plastic on it and bake it for a few minutes. Then take it out and let it cool down and attach the ring to the keychain. Finally, your cute amazing shrink plastic keychains are ready. 

Blank Metal Keychains 

Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks

You can also sublimate the design on metal keychain blanks. You can buy metal keychains online wholesale. There are various websites where you can find them but the most trusted websites which we recommend to you are amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, and Ali express. 

What Do You Need To Make A Keychain 

Making Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks is not very difficult, you just need some gadgets. First, you will need a keychain blank which is the most important thing. Next, you will need a key ring, a design, a heat press machine, sublimation transfer paper, and heat-resistant tape. 

How To Make Keychains With Your Art

It is so entertaining to make a Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks with your art. It is not so troublesome, the process is very easy. First, take a shrank plastic and draw your design on it but ensure that the marker is permanent. After drawing, place parchment paper on the baking tray then place the keychain blank over it. Remember to pierce a hole in plastic before heating it. Then heat it in the oven and after heating, it attaches the keyring blank on it. You can build your keychain with your design. 

Sublimation ON Wood Setting

First preheat a heat press machine at 385 F then place a piece of wood on the heat press machine, cover it with sublimation transfer paper and press it for a few seconds. Tiny and slight pieces of wood are ideal choices for this project. After heating, remove the paper from the wood. And let it cool down for a while.

Plastic Keychain Blank 

Shrink plastic keychain blank is simple and easy to use. Shrink plastic blank is perfect for earrings, pendants, DIY keychains, jewelry, and many other DIY items. It is perfect for plastic keychain craft. You can find them on the Amazon website. These are the most trustworthy websites. You can order plastic keychain blanks from here at a very reasonable price and get them at your doorstep.

DIY Photo Keychain Kit

Sublimate Designs onto Keychain Blanks

In the DIY photo keychain kit, there are all shapes of keychain blanks, leather tassels of all colors, keychains, jump rings, key rings, and aperture. The keychain blanks are dual-sided and sublimate on both sides. You can also find them online. 

Sublimation Time And Temperature Chart

There are different things on which you can sublimate like polyester fabrics. Usually, you can sublimate on any product at 400F temperature. Like You can sublimate on soft link T-shirts at 400F for at least 35 to 40 seconds on the metal you can also sublimate at 400F but you have to heat it for at least 60 seconds and for polyester mouse pad the temperature will be the same but the time will be the change you have to press it for at least 45 seconds. 

Seal Acrylic Keychain

To seal an acrylic keychain you just have to do a few things. First place vinyl on the acrylic keychain blanks to ensure that it should be covered perfectly then separate the transfer tape. Then pour some resin on the top of the acrylic blank. Spread resin on the acrylic with the silicone-tipped brush. Then place it under the UV light and your keychain is ready.

Blank Keychain Tags

The keychain tag is created from an adjustable colorful plastic, finished with a paper enter secured by a clear plastic cover and swirling ring. These can be found in any shop or you can search for them online. There are a number of websites where you can find them like amazon. 

Sublimation Keychain Ideas Blank 

There are many kinds of sublimation keychain ideas blanks. You can find all shapes of keychains blank like round shapes, heart shapes,s and so on. There are many types of keychain blanks: transparent type, acrylic type, plastic blanks, and so on. 

Keychain Worth Money

Keychain is absolutely worth the money. You can make keychains and even make an amazing amount of money. This is the fact that sublimated keychains are great products to sell wholesale or in retail. Nowadays many people make money through the sublimation keychain business

Sublimation Keychain PNG 

PNG is also known as portable network graphics. This file arrangement is commonly used on websites to show excellent quality computerized images. There are many websites where you can find this PNG for free. 


Sublimation printing is very trendy in town nowadays but sublimation on keychains is very entertaining and fun. Hope you will understand how to do it. A few necessary things which you need in this project are a printer and then a heat press machine which is the most important thing except that you will need sublimation paper or parchment paper.

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