How to start a sublimation printing business? in 2022

How to start a sublimation printing business? in 2022

How to start a sublimation printing business?

Sublimation printing is a famous business in today’s generation. There are so many amazing ideas but they can be difficult to figure out. How to get started in this period of the world starting a business is not simple. You will need lots of finance and experience to run the business. The sublimation printing business is productive and cost-effective. For starting a sublimation business you will require necessary things like a printer machine, sublimation transfer paper, and sublimation ink. 

Sublimation describes this process as printing photos on a special transfer paper and then utilizing heat press machine images onto anything. Such as T-shirts, a mug, and a mouse pad.  What will you purchase? Have you forgotten anything? in this article you can get answers to these questions even other than that. You can do sublimation printing with just an inkjet or laser printer

How To Start Sublimation Printing Business

What Do I Need To Start Sublimation Printing Business

For starting a sublimation you will require some gadgets which are necessary for the sublimation business. And if you are a beginner and do not know what tools are required for this method of printing, you don’t have to worry that we are always here to help you. You just have to read the article carefully.


So the first and the most necessary thing which you definitely require if you want to start a sublimation printing business is a printer. The printer helps you to convert a picture or an image into a paper that is specially designed for sublimation printing and is called sublimation transfer paper. 

If you don’t have that much investment you can buy the best sublimation printer then you also convert a printer into a sublimation printer.  You can use both but if you convert a print there are some backs that the quality of the print is not very bright, and it does have a constructor guarantee.

If you are buying a printer then remember to purchase according to the factors the size of the print you will require, the kind of paper it prints, cost-effectiveness, and give a durable print. We will recommend you buy a SAWGRASS SG 500 and SG 1000.

Sublimation Ink

Sublimation ink is a pigment that is transferred into sublimation blanks like t-shirts, mugs, keychains, onesies, and so on. If you want to do sublimation printing then you must have sublimation ink because it is the most important tool for sublimation printing.  If you want a quality print then ensure to buy top-quality ink. 

In the sublimation printing process, you can use both types of subluxation inks whether it is a powdery form ink or a liquid-based ink. There are names of some of the best sublimation inks.

  • Hippo 
  • Sublijet HD
  • inkXpro
  • Xc Inkjet

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Best Sublimation Paper

The next thing which is needed in the sublimation printing process is sublimation transfer paper. Sublimation paper is specially designed for utilization in the sublimation printing process. It contains a special coating on it so that it can support sublimation ink

There are many brands of sublimation transfer paper but choosing the right paper is the main thing. Ensure to select the high-quality sublimation transfer paper so that it can evenly and moderately convert ink from paper to fabric.  There are some factors carefully checked before purchasing it like color quality. The best sublimation transfer paper is the A-sub paper.

Heat Press Machine

Best Heat Press Machine

The next key element is the heat press machine. A heat press machine is generally a type of iron used to apply a temperature and force on the object. The heat press is compulsory for sublimation printing on objects and can also be utilized for decorating other objects. 

There are different heat press machines and each has different options. You should have to choose from them calmly because it is a little bit challenging. Choose them according to the size of the heat pattern surface where the material will be placed. It depends on your product whether it is a cup or a shirt or a keychain it will depend on your requirements.   

We recommend some names of heat press machines which are the best sublimation printing business.

  • Power press industrial-quality digital sublimation heat press
  • SURPCOS Heat press machine
  • Fancierstudio power heat press
  • F2C pro heat press machine

These are the most important pieces of equipment for sublimation printing. Without these tools, you cannot start a sublimation printing business.

How To Start A Sublimation Printing Business 

Sublimation printing is also known as dye sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is a particular procedure of printing in which you can convert sublimation ink into a specially designed sublimation transfer paper and then convert the design or sublimation ink into a fabric. 

This process of printing is now evolving into a top-rated printing method that is quite easy, simple, and not time-consuming process. If you want to start a sublimation business it is recommended to first check all the rules and regulations that exist about this business in the district. 

To start a sublimation printing business you will need some basic equipment which we already told you above in the article. Besides that, you also need some more things about this printing business about which we give you details below.

Understand The Industry

Heat transfer paper in the sublimation printing process uses temperature to begin the transformation and pressure to deal with. The consequence is enduring, producing quality print, which cannot become dull, and can’t peel off with time. 

The value of the sublimation business in the market is USD 8630.1 million in the year 2020. The dye sublimation printing process is being progressively acquired because of its excellent quality image result. This process of printing uses heat transfers to move a various number of colors from a bearer film to the PVC printing plane to which pigments link with chemicals. 

The current printer heads give you a quick print rate, and also have the feature of a mechanical movement system. The international fabric industry is proceeding toward computerization and its expanding volume is operating the request.

Conducting Marketing Research

If you want to start the sublimation business make sure you will conduct complete information about it and check that the item you want to create is in demand in the market or not. Or make sure that there is a huge scope of both collective and customers. You will also be required to elegant and grow planned agreements with corporate management, marketing, and branding companies.

Other than that the most important thing is funding or investment you want to invest in your business. The dye sublimation printing business does not need you to invest a large amount. Because the sublimation process of printing is very easy and simple to start a business

Business Plan

Any kind of work requires planning which is necessary. Obviously, in the sublimation printing business, you will definitely require business planning. Business planning includes some factors such as which item you want to make, the location for setting up a business, and the process for selling the items whether you can sell them online or offline you have to make a strategy beforehand.


Marketing is the key to the business industry.  If you don’t know how to do marketing of your business you will never be successful in the business industry.  So you will need good skills in marketing. There are two ways of doing it: you can do it online or offline.

Online Method

There are some apps or websites on which you can sell your items. You can use Facebook which is very popular nowadays. It is almost used all over the world. If you want to sell your goods through Facebook you just have to make your page on which you can sell sublimation items. First, you have to upload pictures of your items with the price. It is very easy and also adds your number so the customer can contact you easily.

You can also use WhatsApp to sell the sublimation products you just have to make a group of customers and send pictures daily with all the details and prices.

Offline Method

You can also sell them offline (at a shop). You can buy a shop and sell your sublimation product. Either you can go to an area shop and tell them that you want to sell your products to their shop and give them some commission on it.

How To Make Money With Sublimation

If you want to make money with sublimation first you have to make a business idea that is suitable for your sublimation design. You are required to find which kinds of items you want to create. Then you have to find a constructor from which you can purchase your essential things.

you have to find a wonderful manufacturer for sublimation printing and also give him exact instructions for your scheme. If you want to earn money with this process of printing you have discovered a most unique way for it. An excellent practice is to organize a sublimation business and sell the items

How To Start A Heat Press Business

To start a heat press business you will need some tools which are necessary for this process. The heat press machine utilizes temperature and force to convert printed images onto T-shirts, mugs, and other items.

Heat Press Machine

The first thing you will need to start a business is a heat press machine. The heat press machine comes in different sizes and options. A heat press machine is a kind of iron and is manufactured to print an image on a material such as t-shirts, onesies, keychains, and many other items.


Printers that are utilized for heat press projects are generally of a big size arrangement to assist huge size shirts and utilize a sublimation ink. The procedure is absolutely similar to a home printer although with distance ink. The image is converted into sublimation transfer paper put over a product and put under a heat press to be securely heated and the picture is converted into the product.


A computer is compulsory equipment for making print designs and changing those items with your client. You can do it with any computer. It doesn’t require a special type of computer although the design software is needed. Computer reserves and heat press provide agencies.


Particular supplies will differ in size and kind appropriately to the kind of design print you want to do. However, it will contain additional ink, sublimation paper, a heating pad, and a Teflon sheet. Resistance tape is utilized to secure a sublimation paper in the place of the product. Also need a heat eraser, image print sample, and blanks.

How To Make Money With A Heat Press Machine

A heat press can not only make t-shirts but with the help of a heat press machine you can make up to 200 products such as customized photo frames, keychains, and onesies, in fact with the help of a heat press machine you can sublimate on glass. You can make a high profit with a heat press machine

Market Research

The most necessary step for starting any business is to do market research whether it is on-trend or not, on the scope of the business otherwise you will never succeed in your field of business. Imagine if in the market there is no scope for your item. Never impulsively follow up on your intuition.

Gift Shop

Sublimation Gift

Sublimation on T-Shirts is surely popular and the inception of high earning for sublimation business holders but there are many other items you can make with a heat press. You can make customized mugs for our loved ones, photo frames, the same sublimated keychain for couples, and so on.

Phone Cases

Sublimation Phone Cases

The other thing which is trending is customized phone cases. You can print your picture on a phone case, or can also write your name on it, these all can be possible with a heat press machine.


Sublimation Bags

You can also print designs on bags whether it is tote bags or cosmetic bags or makeup bags. It is also in trend you can make it for yourself or to give to someone or to start a heat press business.

Sublimation Tips And Tricks

There are some tips and tricks for those who are beginners in the sublimation printing business field.

Finding The Right Equipment

The sublimation printing business is a captivating chance although it is very simple and easy to start up. If you want to set up your sublimation business the equipment is a sublimation printer, ink specially designed for sublimation printing, sublimation transfer paper, and sublimation blank on which you want to print. The most important thing is to select the right equipment.

Sublimation Accessories

Other than these items which we mentioned above and are necessary for the sublimation business but there are some more accessories that can help you in sublimation printing like heat gloves it utilizes to secure your hand from burning while heat pressing. Heat resistance tape is used to secure your print on the sublimation blank. Teflon sheets can secure your heat platens from ink harm etc.

Accurate Measurements

To print a sublimation design on your blank first you have to take accurate measurements of your sublimation blank whether it is a t-shirt, canvas, tote bag, or onesies. Before buying carefully check the measurement it should be according to your printer size.

Sublimation Vs DTG

Sublimation printing vs DTG both are well known for printing on fabric or garments but there is a difference between them. Let’s talk about the difference between them.

Sublimation printing is a process in which you have to first convert your sublimation image or design on a specially coated paper specially designed for sublimation printing known as sublimation transfer paper. Sublimation printing is usually used for making enduring designs that can not easily remove or peel off. This process of printing is perfect for small businesses.

DTG is known as direct to garment. It is a new technique of printing where the print is directly converted into a garment. This process does not utilize any kind of screen. The DTG process of printing utilizes fragile ink containing water particles.  DTG printing depends on the surface adhesive. 

There are differences in the cost of sublimation and DTG. A DTG printer is more expensive than a sublimation printer.  Also, sublimation printing is better for making comprehensive images and photographs. DTG printing is perfect for printing on natural fibers such as canvas fabric, cotton fabric, etc. while sublimation printing works great on polyester materials.

Best Selling Sublimation Products

The sublimation printing business is cost-efficient, quick, simple to execute, trustable, and developing in business in comparison with other methods of printing. There are many sublimation blanks like cups, mugs, etc on which you can sublimate but do you know the best selling products?


Sublimation Mugs

Sublimation mugs are the most famous product in the sublimation business. The reason is that it is cost-efficient and an ideal item for private use, to give someone special, or for a marketing item for a shop. Besides if you are a beginner in the sublimation field you can start with mugs whether it is ceramic, or coffee mugs.


Sublimation T-shirts

Customized T-shirts are the most famous and adored by the customers in the customized clothes fashion. A white or light-colored T-shirt is the best choice for sublimation printing since it does not need white ink and also if you want to sublimate on T-shirts polyester fabric is the right choice

Glass Blanks

You can do sublimation printing on glass blank also like you can make sublimation glass photo frames, sublimation glass clocks, sublimation mason jars. Because glass has the property of being fragile so if you want to sublimate it you have to be careful.

Tote Bag

Sublimation Tote Bag

Polyester tote bags are perfect for advertising or publicity events, for students and are perfect for using instead of plastic bags. If you utilize a white color bag then it is the best choice because we can apply all colors to a white tote bag.


I hope with the help of this article you know all the basic equipment which is required in the sublimation business. So now you know how to start a sublimation printing business. Don’t vacillate to start a business.

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