Dye Sublimation vs Screen Printing 2022 Which is Best for Your Project?

Dye Sublimation vs Screen Printing 2022 Which is Best for Your Project?

Dye Sublimation vs Screen Printing

For printing on shirts, there are many methods of printing but the method of sublimation printing or screen printing is the top-rated method. These are quite easy and simple methods of printing. If you are a beginner in the printing business then sublimation is the best choice for you. We have given you all details about them below. So if you are a beginner don’t worry this article will help you to choose the method for your project.

The sublimation process of printing allows you to print on polyester fabric and light shades while in the screen printing process you can print on any material and any color. In the sublimation process first, you can print on paper and then on fabric but in screen printing, you are converting ink through the screen to fabric. 

DYE SUBLIMATION VS SCREEN PRINTING Which is best for your project?


Screen printing is a procedure of converting a generalized design onto a smooth and even plane using a harmonized screen, tusche, and squeegee. Fabric and paper are the maximum screens printed exterior. Now with some special ink, we can screen print on wood, metal, and plastic. 


Do you know the difference between screen printing and sublimation? Dye sublimation is a process in which you transfer print with multiple colors with one printout. In this process, you just have to take a printout and press it on the shirt, and heat press it.

The disadvantage of sublimation is you can only print it in light colors and polyester shirts. But in screen printing, you can do it on any sort of material on cotton, jeans, or leather you can do it on any object. Dye sublimation vs screen printing both has merits and demerits. You have to choose the right process according to your project. 


Dye Sublimation vs Screen Printing

Do you know what fabric is laminate and how can you sublimate on it? Laminate is a ferroelectric substitute flooring product. To sublimate on laminate first take laminate or wood blank and take parchment or craft paper and circuit easy press or you can use a heat press machine. Cut the piece of laminating sheet according to the blank but make sure to take a large enough piece to cover your blank then place your parchment paper over it then heat press it. Cut the extra edges of laminate paper and trim the sides.

Then take adhesive spray and spray it on sublimation print and stick it to blank and place upside down the parchment paper and then heat press it. Then remove the paper and sublimation print and your sublimated laminate is ready.   


You often hear the words silkscreen and screen print and think what is the difference between them? So we will help you with it. There is no difference between them both connected to the same pre printing procedure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The screen printing process uses adhesive vinyl as a layout, stencil, or template. And applying it on a mesh screen and passing ink through it and making a design on a shirt. In the HTV process, you have to cut the actual product with the help of a circuit machine and apply it directly to the shirt. Screenprint fees are softer where HTV feels crisp. HTV is good for small businesses and for huge businesses definitely screen printing is a better option.



A sublimation shirt meaning is a conventional pre-printing method in which you begin with a mirror image printed on your shirt. This process needs several things like Sawgrass sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper heat press, and the most obvious thing T-shirt. Do you know what the best shirts for sublimation are? 100% polyester shirts or sublimation graphic tees are the best shirts for sublimation. 


Do you know the reason why your sublimation is not looking bright or looking dull; the reason is because of too much time and temperature and it also depends on pressure. If you want to make sublimation bright then you have to choose high-quality print and replace your ink cartridges with the original cartridges or you can try to change the paper type and weight. 



Sublimation on white shirts is very easy and people commonly use sublimation for white shirts.

Is that possible to sublimate on dark shirts? Yes, this process may be similar to the process of sublimation on cotton fabric. You will need some basic tools for this process like a t.shirt sublimation printer, vinyl cutter lint roller, heat press, heat transfer vinyl, etc.

I will recommend you to use an inkjet printer for this first prepare design you want to print then load ink in the printer. Then place your black shirt over the heat press then place sublimation soft media over the shirt and also place transfer paper over it then heat press it for at least two minutes. You can use a lint roller to place a shirt over a heat-press perfectly without a crease. 


Sublimation and heat transfer vinyl both methods are used for printing on shirts, cups, and other things. There is some difference between them, the sublimation process is used for white and light color shirts it gives you the best results but the vinyl method is commonly used for dark color t-shirts. Sublimation printing cost is high because sublimation printers cost more than 1000$. While the vinyl method is very cheap. 


Do you know what’s better screen printing or heat press? If you want to start your own business or brand, screen printing is the best option. But if you want to make custom shirts for yourself, for family, or want to start custom shirts, a heat press is the right option.

  The most important feature of printing is the durability of the print. The screen printing process is more durable than heat-press. But at a speed, the heat press is better. And screen printing is more expensive than the heat press process. 


The best sublimation printers are: 

1 Epson EcoTank ET-15000

2 Epson EcoTank ET -2720

3 Epson EcoTank Photo ET 8550

4 Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500

5 Epson WorkForce WF7210

These are the best printers for sublimation machines in the world. Do you know  Dye sublimation Vs screen printing is best for your project it completely depends upon your work? If you have small business sublimation can be the option but if you want to grow your business you have to choose the screen printing method?


Water transfer printing is also called hydro dipping printing or hydro graphics. It is the procedure of applying a set to press to 3d sublimation shirts. The hydrographic film can last for at least five to fifteen years on a product.   to a 3d sublimation shirt. For this process first, you have to print the print you want on any object then apply a base coat on the object.

Place this hydrographic film on the water in a dipping tank. Spray the activator on the floating image. Then dip the object in the tank and carefully cover it with a pattern and rinse it off. 


For sublimation printing on t-shirts, you will need some equipment for it. You can’t work without them. The first necessary object which you need is a printer. You have to choose the printer for sublimation carefully. The best printer for sublimation is Sawgrass, Epson. 

The next thing is sublimation ink. It is the most important and necessary thing. It is specially designed for sublimation. Sawgrass ink is top-rated ink. Next is the heat press machine, which is used to convert print on shirts. A sublimation blank is also a very necessary object for this process.  sublimation blanks include shirts, mugs, earrings, mates, keychains, etc. And the last most important thing is the sublimation paper which is specially made for this process. 


screen printing and sublimation processes both have been transferred. Sublimate transfers have a special kind of ink that is absorbed in the object or material when we heat press it. Screen Print transfer can release paper except for the costume. Screenprint transfer can be transferred on any object like cotton. While sublimation transfer can’t transfer on any material. 

Many people ask the question which is better: sublimation or screen printing so it depends on your purpose of work.  


You can do sublimation printing on silk but it will not be durable on silk fabric. You can use satin instead of silk for better results. The process is very simple. First, prepare the print you want to print on silk then print it out from the printer. Next place your print then place fabric over it and then use protection paper on the top then pass it through Therm TX44.


Dye sublimation and screen printing both are the best printing methods. In this article, all information you want to know about them is given above. You can print on silk, laminate, leather, cotton, etc by using these printing methods. You will need some tools and equipment for them.

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