Dye-Sublimation Coffee Mugs: All You Need To Know in 2022

Dye-Sublimation Coffee Mugs: All You Need To Know in 2022

Dye-Sublimation Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are the best way to start your day and these cute dye sublimation coffee mugs can make your morning better and more refreshing.  These mugs are perfect customized items for sublimation projects and these are also idol items to gift someone. You can find sublimation coffee mugs in all sizes and shapes. And the best thing is that you can transfer any image or design on these mugs. 

Dye sublimation coffee mugs are exclusive mugs that are specially built for sublimation printing. In these cups, there is an exclusive coating of ceramic surface perfect for absorbing ink. The procedure of printing on sublimation coffee mugs is very easy. It is a perfect choice if you want to make a marketing product. 


What Is A Sublimation Mug

The sublimation printing process is very easy even so it is an extremely efficient procedure to skillfully and long lastingly convert a design into the product surface. Mug sublimation requires a mug that is specially manufactured for designing and personalizing.  Sublimation coffee mugs are coated with a ceramic surface perfect for implementing sublimation ink

Materials Required For Dye Sublimation Coffee Mugs

For the process of sublimation of coffee mugs, you will require some basic and important equipment. 

Best Sublimation Printer

By using the sublimation printer you can start a highly profitable business. best Sublimation printers are multifunctional and for sublimation printing, you will need a quality printer so the output will also be the quality vise. There are many printers for sublimation coffee mugs but I will recommend you the names of some printers.

  • Epson Expression Premium Eco Tank 7750
  • Epson Expression Photo HD XP 15000
  • Canon Selphy CP 1300

These are the names of the top printers for dye sublimation mugs. 

Sublimation Papers And Ink For Sublimation Coffee Mugs

For sublimation coffee mugs you will require some equipment like a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, sublimation ink, etc. sublimation paper is a special paper that has a layer of coating that permits ink to soak up in products such as mugs, shirts, etc. you also have to utilize sublimation ink and polymer layered mugs so the image can transfer vibrantly. Also, sublimation coffee mugs need special ink which is constructed specially for sublimation printing. 

Sublimation Coffee Mugs Blanks

Sublimation coffee mugs are the ideal choice for gifting customized items. For this purpose, you will require glass blanks; you can find them on Amazon, Etsy, and on many other websites. But there are many blanks on the market. You have to select the right one which can suit the sublimation process. 

Coffee Mugs Heat Press

The sublimation coffee mugs heat press is a mug-shaped sort of circuit.  So it can perfectly give heat to the mug and wrap with the outer surface of the mug.  

How To Sublimate A Mug

To sublimate a mug the process is very simple. The first you have to do is select a design and take out the print. Then trim the print according to the dimensions of the mug. Cut the corners to ensure that it can easily cover the mug. Place the printed design on the mug and secure it with heat resistance tape and lastly give it heat in the oven. After that remove the paper and let it cool down. And your dye sublimation coffee mug is ready. 

Sublimation Coffee Tumbler 

The process of printing sublimation designs on tumblers is similar to the process of sublimation coffee mugs; the process is not so troublesome. First, you have to just select the image you want to print on our tumbler then take out the print in sublimation transfer paper. After taking out the print take a tumbler and place your print on it and secure it with heat-resistant tape. Then apply painter’s tape across the edges of the tumblers. Then put it in a mug press if you do not have a mug press you can also use an oven instead of that. 

Sublimation Glass mugs

You can also sublimate glass mugs but have to be careful because of the breakable property of glass. To print the sublimation design on a glass mug first we prepare the image and take out the print on sublimation paper. Then take an 11oz glass mug and wrap your print around it, secure it with heat resistance tape and place it in a mug heat press machine and heat it. After heating, remove the paper and tape and the sublimation glass mug is ready. 

Sublimation Mugs VS Regular Mugs

Sublimation mugs vs regular mugs do you know the difference between them? The main difference between them is the sublimation mug can be customized and you can transfer your pictures on it. Sublimation mugs are made with a special glazed ceramic surface that permits sublimation ink to be contained.  

A mug surface does not have a glazed ceramic layer on it. They generally contain porcelain ware on their surfaces and can also be made from metal, and glass pottery. Ordinary mugs can be built from any substance that does not need any kind of special coating. 

Sublimation Ceramic Mugs

Sublimation ceramic mugs are indeed a perfect option for customizing. The method is very simple and easy. You do not have to do much. Just select the sublimation design you want to print on your mug. Remember to turn on the option of mirror image while printing. Take out the print on sublimation transfer paper and then cut down the edges of the paper according to the size of the ceramic mug so that you can fix it easily. 

Place your design around the surface of the mug and secure it with heat-resistant tape. Ensure to fix it tightly, do not just tape loosely. Then put the mug in the mug press.  Set it at 400 degrees and heat it. After heating, remove the transfer paper and give it time to cool down. 

Sublimation Printing Instruction

Sublimation coffee mugs are very easy to make and are on the top trending list. Besides that the process is easy but you have to be careful while doing it. 

The first step is to select the design and take out the print. Ensure that the print must be of high quality and it does not have any faded lines on it.

You have to select a color or design according to the background of the mug like if you have a dark color cup choose the light color which makes it outstanding. 

If you want to convert a picture on a sublimation coffee mug ensure that the resolution is 300 dpi which gives you a clear image on a sublimation coffee mug. 

Removing Sublimation Ink From Mugs

 Did you want to remove sublimation ink from sublimation coffee mugs and don’t know how to do it don’t worry we are here for you? The method of removing ink from sublimation coffee mugs is very easy; you just have to take a bowl. Then take apple cider vinegar. Immerse the mug in the bowl and make sure the printed area is completely immersed in it. And leave it for half-hour. 

Sublimation Color Changing Mug

You can also sublimate to a color-changing sublimation coffee mug easily. Color-changing sublimation coffee mug is very adorable because it changes colors and shows the print when you pour hot water into it. You just have to do a few simple steps. First, select the design for the sublimation coffee mug that takes out the print on a sublimation transfer paper.  

Then place it on the sublimation coffee mug, secure it with heat-resistant tape and then place it in a heat press machine for a while. After heating, remove the paper and let it cool down. After that pour, hot water, and your black sublimation coffee mug turn into a white sublimation mug and your print will appear on it.  

Top websites to buy sublimation coffee mugs

Dye-Sublimation Coffee Mugs

You can find sublimation coffee mugs on many websites. But here are some of the top websites where you can find the best sublimation coffee mugs blanks. 

1) Sublimation coffee mugs by Amazon 

You can find the best quality sublimation coffee mug blanks on Amazon. This website offers you the best price and the best quality. It is one of the best and most trustworthy websites. You can find many other objects related to the Sublimation printing processes like sublimation paper, sublimation ink, and many other tools 

2) Sublimation coffee mugs by Etsy

Etsy is an international American company where you can make various kinds of sublimation coffee mugs. You can find various varieties of sublimation blanks of high quality. Also, you can find here tools and equipment used in the Sublimation printing process

3) Sublimation coffee mugs by Image point

Image point is another one of the best places where you can get a variety of customized items like sublimation coffee mugs, shirts, and other Sublimation blanks. And offers you high-quality products at affordable prices.

4) Sublimation coffee mugs by Ink head

Ink head is a website where you can get different sizes, shapes, and colors of sublimation coffee mugs with high quality so you don’t have to worry about peeling off the design.

5) Sublimation coffee mugs by cafe mug

Many shops sell sublimation coffee mugs but they don’t give you quality, which is the most important part of the products. But cafe mugs definitely give you this feature at an affordable cost.

FAQ Questions about Sublimation coffee mugs

Q. Can you use any mug for sublimation?

Ans: If you want to print on sublimation coffee mugs then you must have special layered mugs for sublimation on coffee mugs. These sublimation coffee mugs have a special ceramic coating on them. 

Q. Is print on sublimation coffee mugs durable? 

Ans: Print-on sublimation coffee mugs are durable and can last for years if we follow the procedure carefully and can not make any mistakes during the process.

Q. Can we print photos on mugs?

Ans: Yes you can, you can use any image, photo, or design on sublimation coffee mugs.

Q. Where to buy sublimation coffee mugs blank? 

Ans: There are many websites on which you can find sublimation coffee mugs but you can 

are not sure whether they give you quality products or not so to choose the right website you have to read this article. We have already mentioned the website names above.  

Final Words

Sublimation coffee mugs are one of the best-costumized gifts ever you can find these in all colors designs and shapes. Or you can make your own sublimation coffee mug and the process is not so difficult. Just a thing is that you have to follow the instructions carefully and need some equipment. All the details about sublimation coffee mugs are given in this

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