Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges in 2022 – What’s the difference?

Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges in 2022 – What’s the difference?

Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges

Everybody who uses a laser printer must know what a toner cartridge is but not all people know about the printer drum unit and the difference between drum units vs toner cartridges. But you don’t have to worry about it. We are always here to help you and if you don’t know anything about then this article will be your lifesaver.  In this article, we will give you all information about the difference between Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges

If you have a printer then you must have to know what is the Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges. Toner cartridges are a digestible element of an LCD printer and the printer drum unit is used to shift the toner to a document. They work in conjunction in a comparable fashion.


What Is a Printer Drum Unit?

Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges

Do you know what a drum cartridge is? The drum unit is used to convert toner into a document. It looks like a large green barrel or a cylinder in a high-magnitude printer. A drum utilizes a dielectric charge to fascinate the toner powder molecules which are placed on an insensible crimper interior drum unit. And then preprints characters to the document. It is also known as the imaging unit.

What Is Toner Cartridge 

Drum Units vs Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges are usually exchanged equipment in laser print and are quite easy to change. It carries the toner powder. The toner powder is dispersed on the document correspondingly and makes a picture and in this process, the drum unit helps to build. 

Drum Units VS Toner Cartridges

Drum units vs toner do you know the difference between them? The laser printer drum and toner cartridge are both paramount parts of the printer. Both are the necessary components for bringing out the print. Drum cartridges are more costly than toner cartridges. A drum cartridge is durable and long-lasting, and toner cartridges have a lesser lifespan.

The drum unit vs toner Cartridges is not photosensitive and the imaging unit is photosensitive, drum cartridge usually works with a laser that activates the electrostatic charge in the drum unit vs toner cartridge in the printing procedure doesn’t communicate with the laser or some other illumination to implement drum cartridge only produce the toner required from the toner cartridge.

 Drum cartridges also have a positive charge. Toner cartridges contain two kinds of toners black and pigmented. 

What Is A Drum Cartridge  XEROX

The original xerox drum kit printer is specially manufactured for xerox B205/B210/B215 to retain its working flexibility and intelligently bring high-quality consequences. Xerox imaging units are long-standing and easy to return.  The trade name of the printer is xerox, and the efficiency of the printer is 10,000 pages.

 The appropriate devices of xerox are B205, B210, and B215. The consigning dimensions are 3.7 x 13.5 x 10.5 and the weight is 2lb.   

When To Replace Printer Drum

The brother imaging unit is a distinct, replaceable that generally should be changed after 3 to 4 times use of toner cartridge. If you are using a brother printer and you are obtaining a drum-changing note on your printer screen then you must replace an old printer drum and get a new drum. Your device utilizes a page counting feature to track utilization. Which will start again every time you install a new drum. 

Replacing the command is depending on the model of the printer you have. For replacing commands check the printer’s user guide of your printer. Installing and changing the brother’s drum is very easy and everybody can do it. If you don’t know where to find this new drum you don’t have to worry about it. You can easily find them on amazon and other online sites. 

Brother Printer Drum Replacement

The process of changing an old printer drum and setting up a new one is very easy don’t get panic when you see the message of changing the drum. First, ensure that you switch on your device and unlock the head of the printer. Detach the toner cartridge and drum cartridge convention from the printer. Unlock the green color shaft and take hold of the toner cartridge from the drum. 

Open the new drum cartridge of the printer. Place the toner in the imaging unit to ensure that you place the toner accurately. Glide the green strap various times to remove the coronavirus. Place the drum again in the device and shut down the cover and then set the functions according to the user guide. 

Parts Of Toner Cartridge

A Toner cartridge is also known as a laser toner. It is a replaceable element of a printer. It consists of a photoselective drum, toner powder, mainly chagrin roller, and quality dehydrated composition of plastic molecules, carbon compound particles, and ebony, and more colors representative than can convert representation on the documents.

MF242DW Toner

Canon image mf242dw toner can give you a logical executive paper and is also long-lasting. The weight of the toner is 1.76 pounds and the other dimensions are 14.76 x 4.5 x 5 inches. The cartridge page output capability is up to 2400 and the color of the ink is black. The compatible devices are MF216N, MF236N, MF227DW, MF47DW, and MF249DW, and do not expire. 

Are Toner And Ink Are The Same Things

No ink cartridge and toner cartridge are not the same things.

Ink is a solution utilized in inkjet printers. And the solution of ink is made up of aqua and a mixture of alchemical and pigments. Ink is spattered onto a document by the printer. It is normally utilized in homes and offices. Ink cartridges are portable and simple to replace. 

Toner is a powder utilized in laser printers. It is made up of natural compounds and synthetic resin. Toner powder is merged onto a document in a laser printer.  The radiation in the printer generates a dielectric template of a specified printout on an alloy drum interior. Generally used in business settings and huge offices.

Fax Machine Drum

A fax machine is an instrument that is utilized to forward documents mechanically from the telephone web. The transference it forwards is known as faxes. Or in other words, a machine that forwards and collects engraved(printed) documents or pictures from the telephone web linked with a printing machine or other output machines. It is used to transfer agreements among sites. It has a drum unit, labels, ink cartridges, printer media, etc. 

 Which Brands Of Laser Printers  Have Drums Built Into Toner? 

Most HP laser printers own the imaging unit integrated into the toner cartridge. Moreover, for brother laser printers the imagining units appear individually if you are required to change these in inclusion to the toner cartridge. 

Which Type Of Printer Uses A Drum PlasticToner? 

The laser printer utilized a streak to impose a casting drum. The drum fetches a plastic toner. Then toner is put together onto the document containing crimper and heat. A heating component is known as a fuser. It liquefies the toner onto the exterior of the document to make a connection that counters solution, erosion, and ultraviolet rays. 

What Kind Of Printer Used  Toner

Laser printers utilized toner powder rather than colorant or pigment-based ink. Toner powder is significantly produced by elegantly deck plastic. Laser printers manufacture electrostatically charged speckles on a radio-sensitive drum that fascinates toner powder. The toner is converted on the document and set up by a heating operation. ‘

Laser printers produce black and white and excellent tinge print. Laser printers can preprint quickly as compared to inkjet printers. But laser printers are more costly as compared to inkjet printers. Both toner cartridges and ink cartridges are different from each other. 

What Happens When The Printer Drum Goes Bad

Do you know what happens when your printer goes bad or a virus occurs? When the drum unit of the printer deteriorates or goes bad or has a virus then you will start seeing a slash or an error recurrent over the page. Change the imaging unit when you obtain a white line on your documents. The drum must be changed as a fixed to manage print standards.

You can check your present drum’s enduring life on your brother printer display by completing these steps: first, you have to press down the menu button and select the info option then press the okay button and you can see the remaining life of the drum unit. Then press down the stop or exit option. 


There are differences between drum units vs toner cartridges; both of them are the most important components of a printer. Contemporary color toner accommodates 85 to 95% plastic. Toner cartridges are utilized by laser printers. The drum unit utilizes to convert agglutinate toner on the document.

I hope this article will be helpful for you if you have a printer but you don’t know how to drum units vs toner cartridges work then this article will help you in understanding and tell you how you can change drum units and how it works.

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