Different Types Of Printers And Their Functions – Updates For 2022


Different Types Of Printers And Their Functions – Updates For 2022

Different Types Of Printers

What Is Printer:

A printer is a gadget that acknowledges text and realistic results from a PC or other device and moves the data to paper, normally to standard-size, 8.5″ by 11″ pieces of paper and in 2022 you can use printing on everything. Printers change in size, speed, intricacy, and cost. 

The printer is a significant frill of any PC framework, particularly for an illustrations framework. The printer utilizes for documentation, all print media, books, and so on.

Different Types Of Printers: there are two kinds of printers,

  • Impact printer 
  • Non Impact printer 

Impact printer:

Impact printers are the most seasoned printing advancements still in dynamic creation. The absolute biggest printer merchants keep on assembling, marketing, and backing Impact printers, parts, and supplies. Impact printers are most practical in particular conditions where minimal expense printing is fundamental. The three most normal types of effect printers are dab network, daisy-wheel, and line printers.


Type Of Impact Printers:


     1- Dot matrix printer

     2- Daisy Wheel printer

     3- Line printer

1. Dot matrix printer

 A speck framework printer is an effective character printer. It makes a printed version by printing each character in turn. Its printing speed is from 200 to at least 1000 characters each moment.

Dot matrix printer

Typically, a speck network printer utilizes 100 to 300 dabs for every inch (DPI) to print yield on the paper. Speck framework printers are used with PC. They are more affordable. The printout nature of these printers isn’t awful. They likewise produce more commotion during printing.

Advantages Or Pros Of Dot matrix printer:

  1. The Dot framework printers are modest and effectively accessible on the lookout.
  2. They can make duplicates of the printout dissimilar to non-sway printers.
  3. The printing costs are the most minimal when contrasted with different printers.
  4. The printout blurs step by step rather than stopping out of nowhere. You accordingly get a lot of chances to change the strip before an emergency arises.
  5. They use paper persistently dissimilar to different printers that require a continuous difference in paper.
  6. They endure filthy and hot conditions as are found in modern conditions.

Disadvantages Or Cons Of Dot matrix printer:

  1. The result isn’t the high goal. Shading printout is restricted and the print speed is likewise lesser when contrasted with non-sway printers. Accordingly, the nature of the printout overall isn’t generally excellent.
  2. The printer makes an extraordinary arrangement of commotion while the pins strike the lace to the paper.
  3. The pins get twisted effectively obliterating the print head.
  4. The single piece of paper needs to be wound and adjusted by hand which is tedious and feverish. This additionally makes it inclined to stick oftentimes. Although paper sticking can occur with any printer, fixing it here is not a simple assignment.
  5. The thickness of standardized identifications is low and may neglect to match the client’s guidelines.

Daisy Wheel Printer

Daisy Wheel Printer:

This printer is an early kind of effect printer designed in 1969, The printer utilizes a metal or plastic circle containing every one of the letters, numbers, and different characters it upholds. While printing, the printer turns the plate to each character and, utilizing a sled, strikes each character into an ink lace to make characters on paper. Daisy wheel printers were famous during the 1970s and 1980s, however, are not generally utilized today. They have a bad quality of the print, are exceptionally sluggish and noisy, and were supplanted by laser printers as they descended in cos

Advantages Or Pros Of Daisy Wheel Printer:

  1. It is modest to purchase and keep up with.
  2. Can make duplicates.
  3. Low support.
  4. Minimal expense.
  5. Can utilize fanfold paper and weighty paper grades.
  6. Preferred print quality over dab grid printer.
  7. More solid than DMP.
  8. The text style of the person can be effortlessly different.

Disadvantages Or Cons Of Daisy Wheel Printer:

  1. The printing speed is exceptionally sluggish.
  2. Can’t print illustrations.
  3. Produce bending of paper printing.
  4. A predetermined number of characters is uproarious
  5. More costly than DMP

Line Printer:

Line Printer

A-line printer is an effect printer. it is an extremely quick printer. It prints a total line of characters all at once. The printing rate of the line printer is estimated in lines each moment (lpm). It is up to 3000 lines each moment.

Line printers are regularly utilized with centralized servers and small PCs.

Advantages Or Pros Of Line Printer:

  1. ·Minimal expense.
  2. ·More solid than different models.
  3. ·Consumables are economical.
  4. ·Consumables are all the more harmless to the ecosystem.
  5. ·Reasonable for modern conditions.
  6. ·Show better protection from residue and outrageous temperatures than other printer types.

Disadvantages Or Cons Of Line Printer:

  1. Inadmissible for printing illustrations.
  2. ·Bad quality printouts.
  3. ·Make a significant degree of commotion while printing.
  4. ·Consistent paper structures are as of now not effectively accessible since they have a low interest.

Example/Type Of Line Printers

 1- Chain Printer

 2- Band Printer

1- Chain Printer

Chain printers are printers based on metal. A total chain comprises five areas; each part comprises 48 characters. As the print chain turns, suitably arranged print hammers hit the paper close by the associated ribbon, against the genuine individual on the chain as it passes. Chain printers are one of the quickest sway printers that can deliver up to 400 to 2500 characters each second. Chain Printers likewise called band printers contain characters on a pivot band. Paces of up to 3000 lines a second or more may be possible with these machines.

Band printer:

Impact printers who have just one type of text style and time marks, working based on steel band known as band printer.

 The working guideline, including even development of the textual style, is like that of the previous chain printer and train printer. Albeit showed during the 1960s it was 1972 preceding machines with the acceptable print quality and band life were accessible. Band printers have a value/execution advantage over drum (or barrel) printers; any confounding of the effect on a level textual style machine brings about an adjustment of the space between characters, which is less observable than the upward removal that happens with confounding in a drum printer.

Most of the new effect line printers from the last part of the 1970s forward have been band printers. this printer has a speed between 300 lpm to 2500 lpm, the plans for high-speed of this printer machines is 64. Plans for the lower-speed machines regularly time-share a print hammer between nearby print positions.

Non Impact printer:

The sort of printer that performs printing without clearing the paper is known as a non-impact printer.

Non-Impact printers are speedier and produce high-quality outcomes than impact printers. One snapshot of this printer produces more than 24 pages. They produce no uproar during printing. These printers are over the top than influence printers Categories  printers

Categories/Types Of Non-Impact printers:

1- Laser Printer

 2- Inkjet Printer

 3- Thermal Printer

4- 3D Printer

Laser Printer:

The printers based on laser or that perform printing with laser technology are known as laser printers, the laser printer works faster than impact printers. This printer moves the picture of results on paper utilizing LASER innovation and toner. The power of this printer is toner, when laser innovation and toner react together then they produce printing.

Laser Printer

The laser printer has an exceptional drum inside it. first, the picture of the result is made on the drum, and afterward, it is moved from drum to paper. The picture of the result is made on the drum by tossing attractive ink powder as minuscule specks. 

 Laser printer prints each page in turn.

The laser printers are, accordingly additionally called page printers. The printing velocity of laser printers is around 4 to 32 pages each moment for microcomputers and up to 200 pages each moment for centralized server PCs.

Advantages Or Pros Of Laser Printers:

  1. Laser printers have good speed.
  2. It has low price than other 3D printers.
  3. The printing quality is very good.
  4. A laser printer is easy to use.

Disadvantages Or Cons Of Laser Printers:

  1. Laser printers have poor color quality.
  2. Its harm full for health.
  3. Expensive than a regular printer. 
  4. Power Consumption

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer:

 The ink-jet printer is a kind of non-sway printer. It makes yield on paper by showering minuscule drops of fluid ink. It comprises a print cartridge loaded up with fluid ink and has few spouts in the type of network. Like spot network printers, the mix of spouts is initiated to frame the shaper of the character or picture on the paper by splashing the fluid ink.

These printers have power from 300 to 720 dpi.

The ink-fly printers have low cost than laser printers. Inkjet printers do not work like laser printers. In any case, They are quicker and have high print quality than spot network printers.

The printing of this printer is one to six pages in one moment.

Advantages Or Pros Of Ink Jet Printer:

  1. Inkjet printers have high-quality results.
  2. This printer is much more affordable than other printers.
  3. It has lightweight and compact.
  4. It is very easy to use and set up. 

Disadvantages Or Cons Of Ink Jet Printer:

  1. Inkjet printer is slow.
  2. This printer maintenance Frequent speed. 
  3. It needs expensive ink refills.
  4. The big disadvantage is fast Ink dry Up.

Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer:

A thermal printer is one more sort of non-impact printer. It can print yield on an extraordinary hotness touchy waxy paper. The picture assumes that the result is made on the waxy paper by consuming specks on it. For shaded results, hued waxy sheets are utilized. 

The thermal Printer delivers a great printout. It is very sweeping when contrasted with other non-impact printers.

Advantages Or Pros Of Ink Thermal Printer:

  1. The thermal printer has very low noise.
  2. It has a high printing speed.
  3. The printing was very clear.
  4. The use of this printer is very easy.
  5. No price for ink or tonner.

Disadvantages Or Cons Of Thermal Printer:

  1. The thermal printer needs safety.
  2. This printer produces heat.
  3. The material used in thermal printers is expensive.
  4. The photo quality is poor.

3D printer:

3D Printer


A 3D printer is a type of printer that is based on your PC command, and this printer performs 3D printing.

3D printers use a connection called added substance collecting to shape (or “print”) genuine things layer by layer until the model is done. This is one of a kind according to subtractive collecting, in which a machine reshapes or wipes out material from a current structure. Since 3D printers make models without any planning, they are more capable and produce less waste than subtractive collecting devices.

The most common way of printing a 3D model changes relies upon the material used to make the item. For instance, while building a plastic model, a 3D printer might hotness and wire the layers of plastic together utilizing a cycle called intertwined affidavit displaying (FDM). While making a metallic item, a 3D printer might utilize a cycle called direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). The printer produces a laser and performs 3D printing throw a high laser.

In any case, lately, 3D printers have become a lot less expensive and are presently accessible to the shopper market. As the innovation turns out to be broader, 3D printers might turn into a feasible method for individuals to make their home items and new parts.

Advantages Or Pros Of 3D printer:

  1. The 3D printer is affordable.
  2. This printer is easy to access.
  3. You can find this printer at different prices low to high.
  4. This printer works very fast.
  5. Quality and consistency are very good.

Disadvantage Or Cons Of 3D printer:

  1. The size of the 3D printer is bigger than other printers.
  2. 3D printers have limited materials.
  3. The machines of this printer are very expensive.

Top 5 3D printers that I use and prefer:

  1. Creality Ender 3 V2 — best price.

  2. Anycubic Photon Mono.

  3. Monoprice Voxel — best 3D printer under $500

  4. Qidi Tech i-Mate S

  5. Prusa i3 MK3S+

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