All Over Sublimation Onesie Blanks In 2022 Step by Step

All Over Sublimation Onesie Blanks In 2022 Step by Step

Onesie Blanks

 If you want sublimation onesie blanks you can find them on amazon. Com. by the sublimation printing process you can sublimate cute prints on onesies to make your baby look cute and cool. If you don’t know how to print them this article is for you.

Onesies are used for newborns. Basically, it is also known as rompers. It is the most common gift for babies. You can sublimate on them easily if  you take a white blank onesie for sublimation and it can also give the best results



Onesie is a one-piece cloth usually used for newborn babies. It is normally known as romper in markets. It is usually worn over a diaper. It is also used for adults as loungewear or a jumpsuit. Have you ever tried printing on onesies? If not, I’ll tell you how to print a onesie. So for this process, I will take a white onesie. Okay first take out the print you want to print a onesie. Then stick it to the onesie and place a pressing pillow over the heat press and place the onesie over it and place sublimation, transfer paper to it and then heat press it for a while. Finally, your printing onesie is ready.


sublimation onesie blank

So what polyester exactly is? Basically polyester is a synthetic fiber we run into every day. Polyester is made up of plastics. This is the plastic which is used for water bottles also. It has many benefits like its long durability. Polyester onesie blanks are a romper for the baby made up of polyester synthetic fabric.


So today we are going to tell you how to do sublimation printing on 100% polyester onesies blanks. Take a printout of the print you want to print. Cut the edges of the printout. ThenPlace butcher paper over a heat press. I use A-SUB paper here and then place polyester onesies blanks over it then use a roller to settle it down. I used a roller on both sides. I used sublimation also inside the neck of the onesie. Then put print over it and again use the same paper over and then heat press it for a while and repeat this process at the backside. Your cute sublimation onesie blanks are ready. 


In markets, there are different types of baby onesies in bulk quantity. Baby onesies are in trend now but don’t forget to check the quality of onesies before buying. Because if you compromise in quality it would be unhealthy for your baby and would cause skin infections or rashes. So be aware before buying it. You can buy newborn plain onesies in bulk/ wholesale. You can check online websites like amazon and It gives you an affordable and cheap price. The price would depend on size, color, and quality. 


There are many colors in onesies like white, orange, pink, and many more. But baby onesies in white color are adorably cute. One of the biggest of white onesies is you can dye it, you can sublimate it easily, and can screen print on it easily. Baby onesies in a white suit whether it is, a boy or a girl. Or you can easily find it on any website or in any shop.


onesie blank

The most trendy and popular gifts for a newborn baby are cute small onesies. You can use long-sleeve onesies blanks in winter to warm your baby. It will help your baby to move freely and comfortably with an adorable cute look and you don’t have to worry about the shirt riding up. You can use long sleeves onesies blanks as an inner dungaree because it has full sleeves and does not ride up. 


For vinyl, you must have blank onesies. You can find blank onesies for vinyl easily on amazon. Do you know how to apply vinyl on onesies? First, you want vinyl which you want to transfer in onesies. Then take a Teflon pillow and put it inside the onesies to the upward side.

Then stick the vinyl on blank onesies and cover it with a Teflon sheet. We use a Teflon sheet instead of sublimation because the Teflon sheet is non-stick so your vinyl does not stick on it and helps you to prevent the melting of vinyl. After covering it use a home iron if you don’t have a heat press machine press. Press iron with pressure on onesies. Remove the sheet from it and also remove the vinyl and you can see it is perfectly done. Beautiful you more neatly place the Teflon sheet again on it for neatness. 


You can find plain onesies for babies in colors at easily. A onesie is a romper used for babies and is made up of soft materials like jerseys, polyester, fleece, or jersey. Plain onesies for babies in different colors are the best gift for a baby shower. Onesies come in all colors and in different patterns, and designs. If you buy plain onesies for babies then it has many benefits that you can sublimate or do vinyl on them.  


The polyester bodysuit is also a type of onesie. Bodysuits are also used for ladies but here we are talking about infant (newborn) bodysuits. For baby’s clothing, the most important thing is fabric or quality that gives baby comfort. Polyester bodysuits are very comfortable. In fact, polyester is most common in kids’ clothes. It is specially made to make them soft, warm, and loveable.


Is a cotton onesie good for your baby? The perfect option for your infant (newborn baby) is chemical-free cotton fabric. To protect your baby’s skin from any issues or a rash the best choice is to choose cotton because babies’ skin is very sensitive and it is free from all kinds of chemicals. Cotton is a penetrable material. It is easy to clean. It has cooling properties which give it the best advantage in summers. So the cotton onesies are the best option. 


You often hear the word blank so what does it mean in the fashion industry? Basically blank is used for simple, undecorated garments. It is made to supply clothing industries so they can add their company logo to it. So if you buy a blank bodysuit you can sublimate on it or vinyl or add logos on it to their own company. You can buy bulk onesies at cheap rates at or There are many other websites and shops where you can find infant onesies at wholesale rates.     


Baby skin is very sensitive so polyester onesies or cotton bodysuits are the best options for your kids if you buy blank or lay onesies then you can sublimate them or vinyl on them to make your baby look cute and attractive.

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